Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My October

So as I was working on my New Boyfriend playlist, I really wanted to make a playlist about how I was feeling and the songs that have been stuck in my head during October, so I did that. I started it before I finished the last playlist, which is why it is done so quickly. There are quite a few depressing songs in the playlist, even though I am not depressed. They just felt right. I am still going through a figuring out who I am process. The transition from being a college student living in the dorms to a graduate student living on my own has been interesting. These songs might seem like a hodgepodge, but I think that is because that is what I am right now.

Playlist if you

1 2 3 4-Feist
I've had this song all stuck in my head. I don't think it fits my life in particular at this moment, but I really like listening to it at this moment :p
One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then
Well-Eef Barzelay
I love the awkward vocals of this song. I love the imagery. Like the previous song, and like most songs on this playlist, it does not really apply to my life right now. Maybe that is why I enjoy it so much right now.
Was it written in the stars
or in your mothers gut.
Will you be as pure as snow
or just some angry mutt?
The price of it has just gone down
and you did not think to sell
But in doing all these hateful things
you are unparalleled
At doing all these hurtful things
you really do excel.

Brothers on a Hotel Bed-Death Cab for Cutie
This is another song with really powerful imagery for me. The idea of a bed being a place for lovers, but going from that to brothers. Back to back. Maybe I have been listening to end of relationship songs, because I am in one that is just beginning. This song, though sad, is so beautiful...
And I have learned
that even landlocked lubbers yearn
for the sea like navy men
Cause now we say goodnight
from our own separate sides
like brothers on a hotel bed
I Don't Want to Wait-Rosi Golan
This song is so upbeat and the kind of song I want to make into a life motto. It is easy to just let life pass you by and not take advantage of what you have, but I am trying harder to not wait. I have to take what I have now and make it into something.
Moment that I wait, or I hesitates a moment that I waste
and I can see it all passing me by, I can see it all passing me by
They say, good things come. It's worth it...
but I feel just like a child, I feel just like a child
Make Good Choices-The Instruments Band
This song might be cheating, because I always have this song stuck in my head. I think it compliments the previous song really well. Life is for living, but you should live it well. Make good choices.
Be sure to thank her when she's done
Be sure and make good choices
make good choices
Paper Thin Walls-Modest Mouse
I went on a Modest Mouse binge for a couple days. I think this song is really relevant to the world right now, and the annoyance I feel with hearing my neighbor on the phone for long periods of time.
Everyone's a voyeurist
they're watching me watch them watch me right
They're shaking hands
they're shaking in their shoes
oh Lord don't shake me down
Pot Kettle Black-Tilly and the Wall
So I would start singing the chorus of this song randomly and it was annoying my boyfriend. He had no idea that it came from a real song, and didn't believe me after I told him. It took me playing the song for him to accept that I wasn't just singing random words from nowhere.
Pot kettle, pot kettle black
Talk that, talk that smack
Pot kettle, pot kettle black
watch your, watch your back
Bumble Bee-Adam and the Amethysts
I love the chorus of this song, I find myself humming and singing it randomly. Even though it is pretty depressing...
Bumbling bee, on bended knee, hooked up to machines
Boy that was me, that was me, that was me
Down on one knee, hooking up to machines
Bumbling, bumbling, bumbling bee
Undone (The Sweater Song)-Weezer
I had a Weezer day with my boyfriend when I learned how he was unable to recognize even the most common Weezer songs, I was very disappointed in him. This is one of my favorite Weezer songs, it is one of those songs I just want to belt out...even if it isn't playing.
If you want to destroy my sweater
Hold this thread as I walk away
Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked
Lying on the floor, lying on the floor
I've come undone
Crooked Teeth-Death Cab for Cutie
Another break up song...I talked to my ex recently. For some reason it made me really miss him. It made me want to change my current boyfriend, which makes no sense. My boyfriend is so sweet to me and his only flaw is his work shift. It is weird, I miss something old, even though the present is a happier place...
Cause I built you a home in my heart,
with rotten wood, and it decayed from the start.
Cause you can't find nothing at all, 
if there was nothing there all along.
First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
If a relationship doesn't feel like this when it is starting, then you are doing it wrong. 
So if you want to be with me
with these things there's no telling
we just have to wait and see
but I'd rather be working for a paycheck
than waiting to win the lottery
besides maybe this time is different
I mean I really think you like me
Cortelyou-Will Stratton
I love listening to this song, plus it mentions trains. Since I started dating my boyfriend, who drives trains, I notice them a lot more. When I am alone at night, cause he is at work, and I hear a train I pretend it is him and the whistle is for me.
 I'll dream it for the last time
Somedays-Regina Spektor
This song is super depressing, but super pretty. It isn't always easy to live life to the fullest. Somedays really bring you down.
Somedays aren't yours at all
they come and go
as if they're someone else's days
They come and leave you behind someone else's face
and it's harsher than yours
and it's colder than yours
Lost-Priscilla Ahn
This is the song that started the playlist. I was washing dishes and humming this song. I wanted to do a playlist around it. For the most part I've been really happy with my life recently, but there have been times when I really wanted to go back to the past. I don't know where I would go, but I did not want to be here...
Carry me, across the sea.
To a place I've known.
And I don't like it here anymore.
No, I don't like it here anymore.
The Good Life-Weezer
Once again from the Weezer binge. I wanted to end with something upbeat and a kind of reaction to many of the other songs on the playlist. This is the kind of song I need to remember when I am wanting to go back to some sort of past.
It's time I got back to the good life
It's time I got back, it's time I got back
I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

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